DeckProtect – The Ideal Fire Pit Insulation

Our partner site offers an extreme safe solution to protect any surface from the radiant heat […]

PyroRug – Fireplace Ember Protection

PyroRug is designed to protect a surface from sparks coming out of the fire place. […]

PyroTarp (All-In-1)

Our PyroTarp truely is an all-in-one solution. We enriched this fabric with 1/2″ grommets, allowing […]

PyroMat – Grill Mat

09PyroMat – Grill Mat => fireproof fabric, made from fiberglass with a fiberlock Silicone coating […]

PyroCover-Grill Cover Delux

Can be used for Electrical Grills, Charcoal Grills or Gas Grills High temperature reistant Grill […]

PyroRug – Fireplace – Hearth Rug, Half Circle

This PyroRug design is a half circle. The base fabric is made from fiberglass and […]

PyroWeld – 16 oz Welding Blanket/ Silicone

PyroWeld – Welding Blanket 16 oz/ syd. .  This version has a fire retardant Silicone […]

PyroWeld 18 oz Welding Blanket/ Heat Cleaned/ Grommeted/ Hemmed

You are buying an 18 oz, Heat Cleaned, Hemmed, Grommeted Welding blanket. Suggested Use: Vertical […]

PyroProtecto InsulJack-1800

PyroProtecto InsulJack-1800 is based on Insuljack-1600. Click to see information about InsulJack-1600 The additional 200 […]

PyroProtecto InsulJack-1600

PyroProtecto Insuljack-1600 is built on Insuljack-1200. Insuljack-1600 pushes higher temperature applications and presents in its […]

PyroProtecto – InsulJack-1200

PyroProtecto InsulJack-1200, is a high grade insulation material for applications up to 1,200 degrees F. […]

PyroProtecto – Craft & Hobby Sheet – Heavy Duty

This 15″ x 18″ Craft & Hobby Sheet is heavy duty, fireproof and water repellent. […]

PyroProtecto – Solder Mat

This PyroProtecto Solder Mat measures approx. 24 ” x 5″ . Other dimensions are certainly […]

PyroBlanket – Fireblanket

As a Silicone Coated fireproof blanket, PyroProtecto finds many applications to increase safety in almost […]